Flush Mount New York Crystal Cover

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Display your favorite image beneath a glassy scratch resistant cover, beveled on the edges to resemble fine crystal.

  • Clean features and a polished presentation
  • Thick Pages
  • Solid heavy crystal front and leather back cover
  • Real photo pages, lay flat design, no gutters
  • Custom designed for your photos; no templates
  • Metallic pearlescent finish available $5 per page
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks from design approval
  • 16 page base, each additional 2 page spread = $10
  • Design Fee of $5 per photo additional
  • Available in Many Sizes 8"x8" - 12"x12"
Starting at $300 Each additional 2 page spread = $10
Park Black Leather Slip In Photo Album Exterior Park Black Leather Slip In Photo Album Interior