James A.
Oh my god! It looks amazing! I had no idea you could even do that! It looks like a magazine cover now. I can't believe I took that picture myself!

Paula T.
Thank you so much for the great retouching job! I absolutely love it so much, I'll be sending you more photos for sure!

Nancy C.
Wow, this is amazing! I love love love it!

Katy & Nathan
You did such a good job with our wedding album. The photos were just ok but now they look stunning. I love the pics you chose and the effects you put on them. This makes all the difference!

Justin Z.
Thank you for your hard work with the editorial job. Our team is very pleased with the result and we will be using you again in the near future!

Karen M.
Thank you for the terrific job you did retouching my headshot. My last headshot was so fake looking, I looked like a plastic doll I almost didn't get any retouching this time for that reason. I'm so glad I gave you guys a chance, this one looks like me, except with great makeup and styling.

Katerina S.
Thanks, I am so pleased with the work you did, it looks natural and you would never know it was retouched. I really did not want a picture of myself published with those huge bags under my eyes etc. Thank god for retouching!