Frequently Asked Questions

Retouching Basics

What is retouching? What is the difference between retouching and creative retouching?

Retouching is manipulation for photo restoration or enhancement (adjusting colors/contrast/white balance, sharpness, removing elements or visible flaws on skin or materials). Creative retouching is used as an art form or for commercial use to create more sleek and interesting creative images for advertisements. Creative retouching could be manipulation for fashion, beauty or advertising photography.

Who needs retouching?

Pretty much every photo could benefit from some sort of retouching, from a cell phone picture that goes on Facebook to a high resolution picture that is published in a book. They are retouched with the same principles and while we can not change a cell phone picture to a magazine quality photo, we can guarantee you it can be improved.

Flawless Details

What is Flawless?

Flawless is a company that specializes in creative photo retouching, photo restoration, and album design. We also offer photography services. We are owned and operated by professional retouchers who have extensive photography experience.

So what exactly do you do?

The more appropriate question is, what do you need us to do? We offer a variety of photo retouching and restoration services that include red-eye removal, color correction, acne removal, stray hair removal, background adjustments, hand-coloring, scratch and tear repair, portrait enhancement, and much, much more.

Why choose Flawless?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering simple and affordable pricing, high quality photo retouching, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer service. We handle jobs as big as major national campaigns and offer more than just pimple removal. We offer every day people the opportunity to have high fashion magazine cover retouching treatment.

Why do you retouch both professional pictures and regular peoples photos?

We like to work, we like to make money, and we like to make people happy. We saw a need to bridge this gap and take the mystery out of creative retouching. We offer more than simple pimple popping; we treat all photos like professional ones. We hate bad retouching, it offends us. We cringe when we see photos where the skin looks plastic and has no texture. We know how a human body should look and shape it accordingly, and we retain the integrity of the image and take care not to damage or warp anything unintentionally.

I have a commercial job that requires extensive work and I would like a quote.

Great! Send us an email at and we can discuss your project.

I'm a professional photographer and need a lot of small repairs. Can you help me and my business?

Sure we can! Email us with your questions at

Can I take my photo somewhere else and have prints or merchandise made?

Absolutely, it's your photo - you have every right to distribute it as you see fit.

Our Process

Ok, so how does the process work?

Just to go our order page to buy retouching!

How much does it cost to get a photo retouched?

There are many different levels of photo retouching. Why should you pay the same price for something that would take 15 minutes as something that needs 4 hours worth of work? We have35 levels of retouching that we offer with different retouching options, shown in the Become Flawless page. If you are still not sure send us an email, attach the picture and we will let you know what we think.

How long does it take?

Most orders are completed within 2 to 3 business days. Complex, detailed repairs may take additional time. Flawless will work very hard to return your image as quickly as possible.

Technical Questions

What settings should I use if I scan a photo?

You should use the "photo" scanning option. The resolution box should be set to high or 300 dpi. Avoid scanning your image above 300 dpi unless you plan on enlarging your image. Make sure that both the scanner and the photo are clean and free of dust, lint, dirt, or other debris. Once you have scanned your photo, compare the digital file with the original photo to make sure that it closely matches the original. Still can't get the results you want? Don't forget that you can always send your photo and Flawless will scan it for you (small fee may apply).

Please email us for mailing instructions and address.

How big should I send my file? What does "resolution" mean?

You should always send the largest file that you have. This ensures the highest reproduction quality and the best quality of work when retouching photos.

Resolution refers to the number of dots of ink per inch (dpi) in a printed photo or the number of electronic pixels per inch (ppi) in a digital file. A typical picture pulled off the Internet has a low resolution and will not reproduce as well as a traditional photograph will. Photos that have low resolution will look fine on the computer screen but will appear very fuzzy when printed.

Digital cameras vary greatly in quality. Generally, if the camera is set to the "high-quality" setting, you'll be assured great results.

Ideally, you should submit your photo at the final size you would like it, at 300 dpi in RGB color mode. Questions? Simply send us your picture and our artists will contact you with any concerns regarding quality.

After getting my pictures retouched, how do I get it printed?

The easiest way to have your image printed is to take the digital file provided by Flawless and send it to one of the many online printing websites. Most major convenient stores offer this service. If you prefer to print the picture on your home printer, download your photo to your home computer and print as many as you like, it's yours!

Privacy and Safety Concerns

What about copyrights?

Flawless can not be held responsible for copyright violations. When you submit an image, you are certifying that you are the copyright owner and/or you have the copyright owner's expressed permission to use, alter, and distribute the image.

Do you keep the original photos?

No - Flawless works on a digital copy of the image. We send you the altered version of your photograph, but are under no obligation to keep the original.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Security is very important to us. To ensure safe, private transactions, Flawless utilizes the world's leader in online payment: PayPal. Nearly 10 years of online payment transactions have proven that PayPal is a safe and convenient way to conduct business online. It is that very reason that Flawless has chosen this vendor.

My photo really means a lot to me, will it be safe?

Absolutely! Flawless makes every effort to ensure the safety and security of your photos. Other restoration services outsource work all across the globe in order to make higher profits. Flawless performs all retouching and restoration projects "in-house". Rest assured, your photo will be treated with the respect and care that it deserves.

My photos are private, will everyone be able to see them?

Absolutely not. Only authorized personnel who work to fulfill your order have access to your photos and images. Flawless does not share your photos, images and graphics with anyone or provide information about your photos, unless required to do so to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental request, or judicial order or in the event Flawless reasonably determines that disclosure is essential to protect itself, its customers or third-parties from physical or financial harm that may result from unlawful or dangerous conduct.

Are my photos going to end up on your website?

Clients that are happy with Flawless work and wish to share their results have the option to allow display of their image on our web site by checking the appropriate box during the payment process. We will never use your photo without your consent.